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Peace of Mind and Confidence during Covid

Booking your stay

Book your stay knowing our new Cheviot Holiday Master Cancel protection allows you to ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ including Covid related issues

Cancellation of all new bookings made from Tuesday 9th June 2020 for holidays starting 1st August 2020 onwards are protected by Cheviot Holiday Cottages Master Cancel (t & c’s apply).

• Cancel your booking by email for any reason between 60 days before and up to 48 hours before your earliest check-in time/date and be refunded 100% of what you paid. Any refund payment is made on the original check out date.

• Exclusion: Any cancellation made outside the 58 day cancellation window which is between 60 days before and up to 48 hours before your earliest check-in time/date – no exception for refund/transfer will be made. To ensure you are covered for any losses excluded by Cheviot Holiday Master Cancel we strongly advise you take out a suitable holiday insurance. You may choose to contact PJ Hayman Insurance direct on 02392 419843

• Exclusion: Losses arising from acts of war and terrorism or nuclear reaction and radioactivity.

All existing bookings made prior to Tuesday 9th June 2020

• A cancellation for existing bookings placed prior to Tuesday 9th June 2020 must be notified in writing. It is not our responsibility to refund if you choose not to take out holiday insurance – we are an accommodation provider not an insurance provider.

If you do not already hold annual holiday insurance we strongly recommend you take out specific holiday insurance for your booking. Most people would never travel abroad without insurance – a UK or worldwide travel insurance policy is available at very affordable rates and gives you the peace of mind that your money is refunded should you need to cancel your holiday.
You may choose to contact PJ Hayman Insurance direct on 02392 419843

• However in the event of cancellation we will attempt to relet on your behalf but if unsuccessful the full balance will remain due as above (two months in advance).

Preparation and cleaning of your cottage for arrival

In addition to our normal high standards of cleanliness we have put in place a raft of extra preemptive measures relating to housekeeping and very specific extra precautionary cleaning on changeover days. Our revised cleaning protocol closely follows the same guidance prepared by PASC (Professional Association of Self Caterers) which was submitted to UK Hospitality and DCMS. We follow a two stage process involving our normal clean followed by a disinfection stage.

Social Distancing

Cheviot Holiday Cottages occupies a rural setting where social distancing is very easily achieved. In the interests of meeting government guidelines on social distancing practice we are also streamlining arrival and check in for our guests’ convenience.

Information and Ideas for your stay

Our communal information lounge will be closed for the time being and instead a range of brochures/walks leaflets will be placed ready in each cottage, and more can easily be provided on request.

Trysha’s Homemade meal service and Pizza evenings

Trysha is increasing her normal homemade arrival meal service so that it is also available subject to 24 hours notice for other nights during your stay.

Pizza Nights! – We are offering two rather than one evening during the week when our guests can order freshly made pizzas delivered to their cottage on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

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