Need to know information

Green Policy

At Cheviot Holiday Cottages we are committed to working in a sustainable way minimising the impact of our business on the environment, whilst simultaneously maintaining the experience and enjoyment of high quality serviced guest accommodation.

We are located inside the Northumberland National Park and want this beautiful area to be preserved for the benefit of us all including future generations, and for tourism to function as an integral part of the Park and local community life.

These responsibilities can be demonstrated in the following areas:

  • We ensure that all relevant legislation and regulation is applied.
  • Reducing energy usage by increased energy efficiency and insulation. Hot water is plentiful and instant (mostly with no need for storage tanks). Our heating systems have been adapted allowing the visitor full control over their own individual heat requirements while at the same time saving fuel, this having been achieved with a system of thermostats and automatic controls. Radiators are fitted with thermostatic valves. Lighting is good where it counts and energy lighting is provided in hallways and stairwells.
  • Most appliances like dishwashers and washing machines are relatively new but older models are being replaced on a rolling programme with A-rated energy efficient versions.
  • All our linen is fully laundered on site.
  • Cheviot Holiday Cottages has its own private spring water supply, tested twice yearly and all water run through recently installed sediment filters and ultraviolet filter system. The spring has proved reliable throughout even the driest periods however we have also installed large storage tanks in all properties where space permits, to even out peaks / troughs of water demand.
  • Effluent runs to our private treatment plants where waste is treated naturally.
  • Visitor waste recycling is encouraged for plastics, paper and cardboard.
  • Where possible preference is given to local / regional employees, suppliers and other service businesses to maximise Cheviot Holiday Cottages input to the local community.
  • At the enquiry / booking stage and on our website, we offer guests the choice to use local food and drink producers through a local distributor. This is of mutual benefit both to the guest, who can sample from a wide range of good local produce, and of course to the local / regional economy.
  • Green transport can be a challenge in scenic rural areas. However we are providing cycles inclusive to two selected cottages later this summer, extending more if successful. We provide a wealth of information on walking and cycling routes direct from the cottages where there is great scope to tour exceptionally quiet country lanes, footpaths and bridleways.
  • Tree / shrub planting in the 4-acre grounds is ongoing, especially due to recent winter snow damage and felling of unsafe trees.


This policy is continually under review with the aim of improving our environmental practices and will therefore be updated and extended as we progress.